The antusiasm of foursquared brainstromings comes from the Deutche Welle Workshop participants in TVRI Stasiun Pusat Jakarta involves latest gadgets and terrible internet services.

Nowadays , its is important for a journalist to know about the multimedia journalism. This new age journalism help them to deliver information in text, pictures, audio and video in fast way. In order to increase the ability of journalists ,  LPP TVRI  working together with DW Akademie held a Workshop  Convergence Journalism  from September 09th – 13th 2013.  This workshop followed by 16 participants which comes from some local station  in Indonesia. While the aims of this workshop is to help participants to find right ways to cover topic for multimedia, and become acquainted with the strength and weaknesses of different multimedia formats. The impact for TVRI As an institutions with wide spread of coverage, TVRI is known facing challenges from younger media organisations. These young organisations factually has captured a large amount of Indonesian media consumers. The variety of contents, packaging of current affairs issues of TVRI’s competitors has make this Public Broadcasting Institution looks old and out of date so far. The antusiasm of the workshop participants, is a new bright dawn for further fresh, fast good looking TVRI’s news.