Tanah Lot, Bali

There are so many places that quite interesting to visit in Indonesia. But for me, the best place in the world is Bali. It’s not only because that area have so many tourism object which beautiful, but for me Bali means everything. First, I was born in Denpasar , Bali at 1984. and since I was a child I’m getting used with the atmosphere of Bali’s people that so nature and warmth. Growing up in that place, give me so many memorable moments especially about the people, cultures, food and the atmosphere. The people are nice and friendly. And about the atmosphere, it look like so calm. Besides, I also love learned about Bali’s culture which is for me it quite unique. Although until this time I do not know more about Bali’s culture but I hope I can learn more about that. I have so many family and friend in that place, I wish I can visit them as soon as possible especially in this years.